Friday, February 11, 2011

To know about running services

A great information to know about the services running in linux at current instance of time

/sbin/service --status-all

and output shows you services status places in sbin "system binaries folders."

How to know about particular process running in linux

To know about a particular process running on Linux use the piping and filtering together to get powerful features of these constructs in Linux.

use following command syntax

ps aux | grep "the process about to know"

for example you want to know about which java process is running on Linux

ps aux | grep java

ESME (External Short Message Entity)

Today we are discussing about "External Short Message Entity" working with SMSC or MMSC in GSM (Global system for mobiles ) in order to provide value added services to their valued customers.

The traffic forwarded from ESME is helpful of SMPP protocol stands for "simple mail peer to peer" for communication between ESME and SMSC or MMSC.

With the advent of computer technologies technologies boom and now it is time

"To go to the last mile of this technology and enjoy it".

Muhammad waqas